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5 Factors to check overall seo performance of the websites

Getting improvement in search engine ranking day by day is really important and for this we have to implement right strategies step by step. Here in this post we will discuss you about some really important factors which are necessary to improve and work as signs of growing websites in terms of search engine optimization.

1 – Returning visitors –

This is the most valuable thing in eyes of search engines and very good sign of blog growing also. When you have regular returning visitors every day then it is really great bro. If you ask for my top seo tips and tricks 2015 then I will say you only one thing write something which attract the visitors to come back again and again. In this way all search engines will also like you.

2 – Improvement in Domain Authority –

Domain authority is always a better option for considering the strongest factor for seo and you all must focus on improving it. There are so many points which can be considerable important for improving domain authority of your websites like age of the domain name and number of more back links from the different domains and IP address also. There is one more very important factor which is the number of web pages in a website. If you search for the any keyword in search engine then you will see that high domain authority means higher ranking in search engines. Every seo company in India also focus on this factor for giving result to the clients websites as time go.

3 – Reducing Bounce Rate –

Bounce rate is really harmful factor for any website which means if your visitors leave your site without viewing second page it means your visitor has bounced and this is not good sign for any website. Higher the bounce rate mean lowers the seo rank and lower the bounce rate means your blog is growing and chances for high conversion rate also. So always write the useful content and inter link your web pages to reduce the bounce rate.

All here mentioned factors are considered as very important for improving overall seo performance of the websites. Thanks.

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